Swipe Saber Game Prototype

Swipe Saber is a game prototype focused on creating an action-packed game for mobile devices focused on swiping movements and slicing both the environment and formidable enemies.

I implemented the Player and Enemy controllers to operate on Unity Nav Mesh, and the Player utilizes swipe input for performing attacks and moving. I integrated run-time mesh slicing to be able to slice the enemies with your attacks and break open environment objects to reveal pickups.

One of the final stages of the prototype with several different enemy types, pickups and different movement abilities and attacks.

More footage ...

And one more clip!

While working on this prototype I experimented with different things like cones of vision for enemies to take advantage of their blind spots.

An early version of the prototype while I was thinking about how swiping, and the spinning attack could be used for environmental puzzles.

This was the very first version of the prototype, where the idea was that your sword was directly linked to the movement of a dial on the screen. It ended up being too cumbersome and not as fun as doing a small swipe on the screen and seeing your character do a fast spin attack, but an idea that could be explored further.

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