Project Zephyr

is a demo of an environmental puzzle platformer developed by me and 3 other members under the name Four Shore Entertainment. We showed our demo at Level Up 2018 and earned recognition as 3rd Best Overall Game, 2nd Best Artistic Achievement, and 2nd People’s Choice. We also took the demo to EGLX 2018 and the Canadian National Exhibition.

My role on Project Zephyr

  • Lead stylistic development and assisted with gameplay engineering for 3D Platformer with small team.
  • Created environment kits for different seasonal themes, greyboxed and finalized levels.
  • Created shaders for custom rendering and easier iteration on environments.
  • Rigged and animated playable characters, gameplay elements, and set pieces.
  • Created UI assets and animated sprites.
  • Concept character and environment assets.

Assorted assets & WIP Gallery

Using Format