Hex Rex Game Prototype

Hex Rex was a prototype that was my take on a classic Flash game called Dice Wars, which is was an extremely simplified version of an RTS, where instead of units to control you roll dice to conquer territories and defeat your opponents.

 It was created as a mobile successor to the browser-based Dice Wars so I wanted to still keep it relatively simple and easy to understand.

I used this opportunity to implement turn-based gameplay, local multiplayer, more complex AI decision trees than I had worked on before, and experiment with procedural generation of game maps.

 While starting from a basic pre-existing game structure, it was interesting to see what I could add without it becoming too complex. I ended up adding a simple additional mechanic of "discovering" unconquered territories with a Raiding phase for each turn.

This is where I ended up with the prototype. The raiding phase at the start of the game allows strategic founding of new territories, and I also simplified the dice so they are more readable at a small size, instead of using a traditional d6, the dice have 3 attack sides and 3 block sides. Once a roll is finished I hide all the irrelevant sides after blocks so you can quickly see who come out on top during the skirmish.

Some footage of a couple AI turns. The AI has different behaviour, some are less risk averse than others and take riskier gambles for their attacks.

This is when I was testing using physical dice rolls to determine the outcome. Although cooler and more organic looking, it was a bit too buggy, slow, and unpredictable for the target platform. I opted for rotating the dice based on a pre-calculated roll instead.

Experimenting with different board shapes and showing the simple local multiplayer functionality.

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