Welcome to my portfolio of Game Design, Illustration, and Art. Check out the Projects for larger projects and breakdowns. I've also included several of my game prototypes which I've used to explore different gameplay mechanics in Unity Engine. Check out the galleries for individual pieces, freelance work and personal sketches. Thanks for viewing!


Temple Diorama

Unity, Maya, Substance Painter

Kamilla Character Model

Character Modelling/Rigging, Texturing, Substance Painter

"Toponymy Topology" 3D Illustration Series

Character Modelling/Rigging, Environment Art, Texturing, Illustration, UE4

Project Zephyr Unity Game

Environment Art, Concept Design, Texturing, Animation, Rigging, Gameplay Programming, Shaders, UI, Unity

Mobile Games @ PuzzleCats

Character Modelling/Rigging, Environment Art, Gameplay Programming, Texturing, Animation, UI/UX, Shaders, Advertising, Unity


Photoshop, Substance Painter, Substance Designer


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Thank you!

Unity Game Prototypes

Neon Driving Game Prototype

Gameplay Programming, Environment Art, Texturing, Unity (Android)

Rook Game Prototype

Gameplay Programming, Character Modelling, Unity (PC)

Swipe Saber Game Prototype

Gameplay Programming, Character Modelling, Unity (Android)

Hex Rex Game Prototype

Gameplay Programming, Unity (Android)

Additional Galleries

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